Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Veggie Garden Update

Memorial Day weekend is the traditional time for gardeners in my area to put in tomato plants. Traditionally Memorial Day has been about the time of average date of last frost. 

Global Climate Change is making a mockery of tradition. If you average data for the past 20 years the average date of last frost has been around May 10. In the five years I've lived here we haven't had a significant frost in the month of May.

Since I didn't know the tradition of waiting till Memorial Day when I moved here I looked up the average date of last frost and used that as a guide. And because, when it comes to spring planting, I have the patience of a Jack Russel Terrier puppy I usually plant a bit early.

Memorial Day weekend and MY tomatoes are blooming. Yum. How long after pollination till we get fruit? Good thing I plant a lot of other things to attract pollinators so I should have a high pollination rate, and lots of tomatoes.

LOTS of tomatoes.

Do you think The Husband and I can eat everything produced on ALL NINE of these plants? Don't worry. I have plans for freezing enough to get us through the next long New England winter.

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