Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Morning Walter Update

It turns out that snails are THE MOST BORING pet ever. Here's a very good picture of Walter.

Usually he's buried in the leaf litter I put in his cage so the only evidence I have that he's still alive is that he's eaten his daily lettuce.

So, to liven things up, I decided that having to keep him in an enclosure was a great excuse to have a modern take on a Victorian House Plant Glass Case thingy (that's the technical term, I'm not up on Victoriana).

Ta-da! Now I have a place to grow some high humidity plants that normally wouldn't survive in my house.

[The Spathophyllum in the back is for when I forget to feed Walter - he's nibbled on its leaves.]

And, no, I haven't notice any smell. Maybe it's because he's in a large container with a screen top so the enclosure gets to air out a bit. Maybe it's because the smell of my blooming Hoya drowns out everything else.

I just really hope he doesn't lay any eggs!

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