Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Frienebloggers? Frinebrities?

Last weekend there were tornadoes in Iowa.  My first thought was The Husband's family (they're fine) but my second thought was Mr. Subjunctive of Plants Are The Strangest People blog.  I follow Mr. Subjunctive's blog - he's often funny (look at his post on Plants you'll want to grow for the Zombie Apocalypse for example) and very informative.

We've commented on each others blogs and even emailed a time or two but we're not friends.  Not really.  I couldn't call him in the middle of the night if I got arrested during a drunken gardening adventure.

That's my definition of friend.  (of course, if I was in Iowa I might be able to talk him into joining me on a drunken gardening adventure after which we could definitely call each other friends).

[What?  You never have drunken gardening adventures?  You are really missing out on some good times!]

There are also people that I follow on twitter that I have never emailed or tweeted back.  I feel like I know them a little but again, not a friend.

So what do we call these people?  People we share something with, people we would be upset if something horrible happened to them but not people we would help when it came time to bury the body.



Celebrities?  Is following someone's twitter feed a bit like reading about them in a gossip magazine?

Stalkees?  [but officer he WANTS to be stalked - check out how often he posts on his blog!]

I think we need a new word.  Frienebrities?  Blogquantences?

I propose we just call them all....  George.

There.  That won't be confusing at all.

And just for reading all that non-gardening stuff - a pretty plant picture.

This was a walkaway at Logee's.  Way too big for my house.

Monday, April 16, 2012


About once a year I undertake a Pilgrimage to a Holy Site for Keepers of the Sacred House Plants.

Otherwise known as Logee's Greenhouses.

Logee's does have a mail order catalog for tender plants but it's location in Connecticut is open to supplicants the public.  This facility is an adventure to visit.  The isles are narrow.

Stock plants fill the spaces and sometimes grow right out of their pots.

And occasionally they fall across the isles - TIMBER!

While I did buy a few houseplants (to be posted soon) Logee's has quite a few plants that just get too big for the average house.  Plants I would love to have if I only had a heated greenhouse or a tropical garden.

Like this Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys).  It really is bright turquoise!

This Vinus ican'tfinditintheircatalogus

Lemons - YUM! And lots of  figs, oranges, bananas and other edibles not pictured.

And coffee!  Some processing required.

Of course even the Holiest of Holy sites has problems.  Usually wars and violence.  This one?  A typo on the sign.

It's nice that gardeners don't fight over the plants.  Much.

Did you find the typo?  Apparently the foliage burns in freezing wings.  So don't throw chicken straight from the freezer on to this plant - let it thaw first!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Ah, the ides of April.  Tax Day.  Fortunately for this gardener it's also peak spring bloom season.  Thanks to a very warm week in March many of my later spring plants got a kick to start blooming but since it stayed cool since many of my earlier spring plants kept blooming.  So I have a lot of activity.

I also have a lot of wind (the disadvantage of living close to the ocean, even a mile inland we tend to get frequent sea breezes [that said when I got up in the middle of the night to let the dogs out I could smell the ocean.  Which is nice even at 4 am.  thank goodness The Husband comes home today - 4 am fussy dogs are part of HIS job]).  So these are the best I could do, picture wise.

My Forsythia cheapus is just now starting to fade

This is one of the five foot tall Pieris toobigforthespotus we moved last year.  They all did very well!  I'm quite pleased.

This Aqueligia 'Little Lanterns' is tucked up in an ugly corner by our front door.  It doesn't seem to mind that the conditions there are not great.  What a little toughie!

 Volunteer violets come in different colors.    
I know the neighbors think they're weeds but I like to let these stay in my garden beds.

I really enjoy my spring tulips.  These varieties are new - my older ones look like they're going to rebloom for me later this spring.  Yipee!

 The Hellebore is just about done for.  It didn't bloom as early as they're supposed to.  This one was a test run but I don't think I'm going to buy any more.  I have other, more showy things blooming at the same time.

THIS is how to plant grape hyacinths!

 My early species tulips are starting to bloom.  This is Tinka

The Husband's  Epimedium is doing quite well.  He wanted to buy these plants because he likes one of the common names - Horny Goat Weed.

 Of course I have LOTS of daffodils all around the Gardens.

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams for this meme.