Friday, May 23, 2014

Pot Party

The path that leads to my front door has an area where very little likes to grow because it's full of roots from a large shade tree (planted by the city in the "hell strip" - it's roots have seriously damaged the sidewalk). I've been looking for pots for this area for a couple of years now. I've had a hard time finding anything I like that hasn't been several hundred dollars a pop.

I thought about putting in stock watering trough planters but I don't think my neighbors' would like that (conservative New Englanders, they think my house color is too bold. I'm a Florida born flamboyant type - my cry is usually more color, please!).

This year I was at the Big Box Home Improvement Store (whose color scheme is predominately blue) and spotted these.

Massive, good looking and less that $30 each.

Just what I needed. I added cheap $12 ferns and those gorgeous, riotous New Guinea Inpatients and Voila! A nice statement that leads people right to my front door.

Unless they trip over the root damaged sidewalk first.

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