Thursday, May 15, 2014

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 2014

I know it's late in the day but here it is!

 Aqueligia Little Lanterns - great little plant that spreads gently

 Nepeta Walker's Low

 Fothergilla gardenii Blue Mist, nice plant that actually stayed as small as predicted

Ilex one of the "blue" series [this one is female], not an exciting bloom to me but boy, oh, boy are the native bees happy when it blooms!

Bleeding Heart, inherited from previous homeowner, now a clump of over 3 feet wide and high 

Iris Devil Baby 

Iris one of the "Jazzy" series 

Iris forgotus varietus 

Iris Flower Child [I think] 

All irises pictured are from Rainbow Iris Farm. They don't bloom long but they are spectacular right now!

Scabiosa Butterfly Blue - one of my absolute FAV plants. Will bloom from now until a killing frost in the fall. I find they do great for 3 or 4 years and then start to fade and die.

Viburnum Burkwood - the first of my Viburnum to start blooming

Wild Violets reddish purple - I don't mind these spreading through the garden. They're cheerful, they crowd out more aggressive weeds and the rabbits like to eat them so they nibble these first and leave my other plants alone. And when it's time to remove them? They come out pretty easy.

Wild Violets Blue Purple. Ditto.

Pieris that the previous homeowner planted in the wrong place and The Husband and I successfully moved, even though it was over 4 foot high [whew! what a long name, huh?]

And friend.

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for this meme.

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