Friday, January 1, 2016

Tiny Tank Challenge

One of my Tweeps recently posted a Tiny Tank Challenge. The idea was that participants would spend less than $100 and set up a tank that would hold at most 5 gallons.

Wait. I can hear you say (hi, Mom!), but this is a GARDENING BLOG. Well, you wait! This does involved plants!

So I decided to go along with the challenge because, while I love my 125 gallon display tank I am always thinking of other aquarium things to do. Sadly both they "cozy" layout of our house and The Husband keep me from setting up another good sized tank.

I considered a lot of different options and ended up choosing a combination of stuff I have experience with and new stuff.

Here is my current tank:

A good number of fish, lots of live plants, but not "landscaped." 

Now go Google "Planted Aquariums." Go ahead, I'll wait. 

Wow, right? Those images are spectacular. And don't really look like the chaotic, life filled tank I look at every time I'm at my computer desk.

THAT is what I'm going to try to do with the Tiny Tank. I bought a 5 gallon aquarium, ordered a filter (the local pet store didn't have what I wanted) and when it comes in I'll get started setting it up. A nice, landscaped plant tank.

With Shrimp.

Because I like to watch tiny freshwater shrimp but the fish in my big tank aren't compatible.

[it takes a while for the bacteria to establish in a new tank so it will take a while before it's ready - you can check out the Tiny Tank Challenge at Parlour Oceans.]