Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Veggie garden - the beginning

For the past couple of years I've worked with neighbors on a community garden. The neighbors that owned the bed moved and while the new neighbors are nice it disrupted the communal feeling we had going. This year, I'm going it on my own. 

I don't have a lot of full-sun locations and I want something close to a door so I decided to put in a bed next to my driveway. I bought corner connectors and cedar planks, measured out a location and waited until this weekend to put it in. I wanted to move some existing plants so I had to wait until they were up but the tomato plants I ordered arrived on Friday so it needed to be done soon!

And here it is! Just big enough for a few tomato plants and some basil. I have access to some great local farm stands so I don't need to do a lot but we will use as many tomatoes as I can grow and this way I should have enough for freezing, too!

We put it in place, added soil, put in the chives and the garlic chives that had already been in that spot and our first basil of the year (it's probably too early but it's worth trying one plant, right?).

Only one small problem.

I didn't plan to do this when I planted these tulips last fall. Looks like the bed won't be completely finished until after these tulips bloom! Then I'll have to decide if I should try to move the bulbs or just compost them. In my experience I can get a couple of years of bloom out of these types of hybrids but then they quit blooming. I think I could get them going again with a big dose of fertilizer but most of my plants don't require large amounts of fertilizer and I don't want to burn the perennials. Major problem, right?

If only all my problems were so small!

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