Thursday, October 7, 2010

Late Hummingbird

My gardens have been blessed by a late hummingbird.  It's past the season when hummingbirds are easily found here in New England.  Many of these late season hummingbirds turn out to be unusual species.  I think this one is a "common" Ruby-throated hummingbird.  One great plant to attract these late hummingbird is Pineapple Sage.  The other plants she's been feeding on include several Agastache species, Salvia nemerosa and possibly Russian Sage.  Only the Pineapple Sage is in peak bloom but she doesn't seem to mind that the other plants are past their peak.

The pictures were taken through the window so they're a big hazy.

When photographing birds I always worry about Bird Flew.


  1. Great pictures! I was eyeing my feeders today and thinking "time to come down soon." I now have to admit that summer is over.