Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend Plans

It's late October and up here in New England there are only a few garden chores left to do.  This weekend is one of the big ones.

Bulb planting!

Last night my box from Brent and Becky's arrived.  The dogs got excited [ok, so they were excited because the UPS guy is one of their mortal enemies and they had to bark loudly to defend the house], I got excited and The Husband [henceforth known as The Wet Blanket] asked "do you know where these are all going?"  Seriously.  That was the FIRST thing out of his mouth.  Not "oooh, what did you get this year" or "wow, the garden is going to look great in the spring."  He just doesn't get Gardening.

I ordered about 260 bulbs from Brent and Becky's (tulips, crocus, dwarf iris) but about two weeks ago a neighbor and I went up the road to Messelaar bulbs and raided their bins.  This is where I picked up the daffodils for the Mad Garden (that I put in this year) and some hyacinths and freesia for forcing.  [The neighbor and I are splitting the big bag of daffodils.]  

The Husband sees a lot of work.  I see hope for a beautiful Spring.

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  1. Yay! So much fun! I still have a few daffodils to plant -- I saved them from last weekend so as to spread the pleasure out a little bit. Once those are in the ground, I might end up buying a few more... what is an October weekend without bulb planting?