Friday, October 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Today really feels like the end of gardening season.  Sure, I still have bulbs to plant.  Sure, I still have a few plants in full bloom.  Sure, it's not time to steal leaves from the neighbors for the compost bin.  But we've got a strong Nor'easter coming through.  It's windy, rainy and the temperature is supposed to drop into the 40s this afternoon.  Brrr!

This poor bee certainly feels the weather.  Solitary bees spend cold weather wherever they happen to be when the temperature drops.  This one landed on the window screen.

Let me in!  It's cold out here!

There's still food for the bees, though.  Especially on my Aster (Symphotricium) October Skies.

The Solidago (Goldenrod) is a bit past it's peak. 

But the Pineapple Sage is going strong!  And it attracted that late season hummingbird.

My Rudbeckia (several types) and Marigolds are still looking pretty good.  The seeds will be eaten by the local birds (especially the Goldfinches) so I'll leave the spent flower heads.  Hopefully the birds will eat a lot of the seeds and they won't reseed too prolifically.

The Rosemary has offered up a few blooms.  Soon it will be time to bring this plant indoors for the winter.  Fresh rosemary on the Thanksgiving turkey anyone?

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams for this Meme.  Next month?  Probably flowering houseplants. 


  1. great blooms! I love that photo with the hummingbird!

  2. I sympathize with the bee. I have has a spider on my screen door for weeks. Now he is gone. Too cold up in Niagara Falls, I guess.

  3. That aster looks like it is going to eat the bench!

  4. That poor bee! It's nice to see you leaving the seeds for the birds...I bet the appreciate it :-)

  5. Thanks for the last of your blooms. Yes, reading about frost elsewhere makes me feel privileged to live in CA -- But that also means no snow, and traffic jams...

    Happy Bloom Day!

  6. It looks like a garden on the edge of another season. Still there's nothing wrong with looking back towards the seasons behind you. I seem to appreciate the last flowers almost as much as the first... Happy bloomday!