Thursday, September 30, 2010

Laziness Pays Offf

I have several Gaura (I think the common name is Whirling Butterflies) that I enjoy all summer long.  They reseeded lightly in the garden, including quite a few in the Hell Strip.  The Hell Strip is a bit too narrow to support the Gaura and I decided to try and move them.  Since they reseeded many of these were close to other plants I wanted to keep so I knew I'd be challenged to get a big enough root ball but I tried.

Sure enough almost immediately after i transplanted them the top growth died off on all of them.


I was lazy and left them alone.

I decided to leave them where they were so any seeds would drop into the area I wanted new plants.

Good thing I was lazy patient.  In the garden this week is new green shoots popping up from the roots. 

I just hope they survive the New England Winter.


  1. I didn't know that Gaura would re-seed. I'll bet I've been yanking out perfectly good plants for the past 2 springs. I try my best to never remove anything green until I know exactly what it is but I obviously have to do better. I'll watch for seedlings next spring! Lazy gardening is the best kind.

  2. Pam, I'm with you there. I never remove a plant unless I can identify it. The Gaura seedlings do remind me of another weed (I forget the name right now) but it doesn't take long before they become identifiable. Fortunately they are a well behaved (so far) reseeder. I only get a few new plants each year.