Tuesday, October 26, 2010

270 down, 80 to go

I'm talking about bulbs.  This morning, after a weekend of sneezing and snuffling, the weather is warm and at least partly sunny so I dragged myself out of the house and sat on the ground and planted bulbs.  Two hundred and eighty of them to be exact [I hope I have enough energy left to go to work this afternoon but let's be honest, which is more important, a job or getting bulbs planted?].

My main focus this morning was the Hell Strip.  I planted 100 dwarf iris and 110 crocus all along this stretch.  That made for easy planting.  Take the trowel, dig a hole, dump in some bulbs, fill the hole and scootch down the sidewalk to the next spot.  Like the obsessed bulb gardener who has so many bulbs to plant I didn't mark where I put anything.  It will all be a surprise in the spring!

Then I moved to the Death Zone.  This is a small area where everything I plant does poorly or dies.  I think it's the street tree roots that are causing such a problem.  So I planted "annual" bulbs - 60 tulips.  I have three different types so I dumped them all in a bucket and just grabbed them at random.  Should make for a nice mixed planting.  I think they all bloom at the same time and the colors work together.  Should be pretty.

Still to go eighty more, mostly daffodils and some species tulips.  They're for the Mad Garden.  I want to get daffodils intersperses with the perennials before the perennials get so big that planting bulbs would seriously disturb their roots.

After that - bulbs for forcing!  Woo-hoo!

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