Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spotting a Gardener

How can you spot a Gardener when she's out in public? She's one of the women who rushes into the grocery store looking like she's already late for something. But she sticks out from that group. She's not well coiffed, not well made-up, not dressed in nice clothes or heels.

She's the one who is wearing a t-shirt with a plant or an animal or an environmental slogan on the front and a tear where she caught her garden clippers on the hem.

She's the one whose knees are green, whether she's wearing shorts or jeans, and her shoes have a tinge of green or brown and did she just leave some mulch on the floor?

The Gardener is the one with the dirt smeared on her hip in the shape of a hand print.

It matches the smear of dirt on her forehead from when she pushed the hair out of her face.

Her nails would make a manicurist shudder.

She looks longingly toward the door that leads back outside into perfect 70-something sunshine and the garden chores that still need to get done.

She only slows down when she passes the in-store florist to look at the house plants and orchids. Then she shakes her head. Winter is the season for house plants and it's late summer and there's so much to do in the garden.

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