Saturday, September 19, 2009

Green Thumb

Years ago when I was in graduate school I was coming home to my apartment one night and notice a leaf on the floor of the hallway. Hmmm... Violet. I thought. But I left it there and got on with my evening.

The next morning it was still there. Hmmm... I thought, I wonder what color that violet is? But I was in a hurry and off to campus I went. That night I got home and the leaf was STILL there. Finally I picked it up, took it inside, and stuck it in some potting soil. I didn't have any big expectations but it took root and I still have the plant.

Last week I found some garlic in the back of the refrigerator that had started to sprout. My first thought was compost and my second was y'know, now is a good time to plant garlic.

It's been a busy week (we had insulation blown into our walls) so mid-week I decided I should water the bulb. The Husband caught me. He remembered the Violet Incident. And he warned me that he would be keeping an eye on me so that I didn't try to start growing trees from our hardwood floors.

Uh-Oh. I better prune this sucker before he notices it!

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