Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It finally came up. Someone mentioned my 'Avatar' on the side. Let me introduce you to Reno the Bobcat. Reno lives in a sanctuary in North Carolina called Conservators' Center. Reno was hit by a car and, in a round about way, ended up with a vet who had dealt with wild bobcats before and recognized that she was not as difficult as truly wild bobcats.

Was she an escaped 'pet'? Had someone found her as a kitten, raised her and released her? Either one would have been illegal. The state Fish and Wildlife authorities investigated and determined that she was too dangerous to release. She was comfortable around people and she hated them. That means that she might just walk up to a child eating a hot dog and take it away.

So Reno was placed at Conservators' Center where I was a volunteer. I had worked with wild bobcats in California and it was love/hate at first site. I loved her and she hated me.

The Husband (who is very generous with my whims) and I constructed a deluxe enclosure in the woods and 'adopted' Reno. She now lives there with another bobcat, Bobbie Fargo, who was a former road side zoo bobcat and is much nicer to people. I no longer get to visit often but she is still my adopted little girl and I love her.

She still hates me.

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