Saturday, September 5, 2009

I hate mums

It's that time of year again. The big box stores and local garden centers have filled to the brim with what is apparently the only available fall blooming plant the mum. Now you probably know that there are plenty of other fall bloomers - asters and goldenrods are two obvious examples - but are they on display in the stores? So far this year I've spotted a few annual asters but nothing else, just the monotony of mums.

Why the monotony? Fall is a fabulous time of year full of color, cool days, a great planting season in most of the country (although none of the local garden centers up here are stocked for a fall planting season, except for the mums, is it not a good time to plant up here in New England? Not enough time for the plants to establish before the harsh winter arrives? Or just a different philosophy about gardening? OK, got sidetracked there, time for a new paragraph).

I hate mums. I hate the monotony of available plants just when it's cool enough to get back out into the garden. I hate the fact that it is the first sign that winter is coming, with it's cold days of sitting indoors and dreaming of spring. I hate the fact that they signal the upcoming decline in my garden and upcoming increase in my heating fuel bill, a decline in the wearing of sandals and an increase in layers of clothing, a decline in sunlight and an increase in bad TV watching.

I enjoy fall weather. I love Halloween. I usually like Thanksgiving (I love to cook the big meal but this year I think I'm stuck with my husband's relatives who won't fit into my house so no quality kitchen time for me unless we want to eat the big meal twice). I hate Christmas (although it's a great excuse to bring a tree into the house). January, February, March all have nothing to recommend them and the sight of mums reminds me that those months are coming.

I hate mums.

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