Friday, September 26, 2014

Vernonia: Favorite Plant of the Week and Native Plant of the Month

I've got a double whammy this time. My favorite plant in the garden this week is also my featured native wildflower for the month of September. Meet Vernonia angustifolia var. Plum Peachy, common name: Ironweed.

Granted V. angustifolia is not the species of Vernonia that is native to Massachusetts - it's natural range is the Southeastern US but it is very attractive to the local wildlife - my resident bees are enjoying it.

Vernonia angustifolia is hardy in zones 5-8 or 9, likes full sun and Plum Peachy gets to be about 4 foot high (and that's the height actually is in my garden so bonus points to Plant Delights for getting that right!). The wild type is listed as getting every larger.

V. angustifolia is deer resistant but may reseed. I haven't noticed this in my garden but I may have pulled the seedlings without identifying them first.

I particularly like the darker stems and foliage of Plum Peacy, it makes a nice contrast with nearby, paler greens and it sets off the purple flowers nicely.

Thanks to Danger Garden for the Favorite Plant of the week and to Clay and Limestone for the Native Plant of the month meme.


  1. Love the dark stems & leaves...yet another Vernonia to add to my wish list :-)

  2. Diana I love this one too. Just planted some last fall and it came up about 5 feet tall in late summer and a great pink color...what a treat and it is native to me in NY. Now getting it into the meadow next!! The darker foliage is a real bonus on this one Diana.

  3. Yeah, this is a particularly nice one. I got it from Plant Delights. Not a cheap place to get plants but you do get some stuff that can't be found locally.