Wednesday, September 17, 2014

End of the Season

Summer is definitely over here in New England. The season of leaving windows open all day and night, working in the garden and, for me, not having to go to work.

That's over.

Classes at my college started two weeks ago (can you tell? I'm not posting nearly as frequently) and I'm hip deep in class prep and grading (my to be graded pile is already several inches high. Groan. I never seem to catch up on that until the end of the semester).

In addition to my summer vacation ending it's also the end of summer vacation for my houseplants. It's starting to get into the 50s and occasionally into the 40s at night so inside they come.

Some of my houseplants getting ready for their end of the summer showers and the frantic oh-crap-I-put-something-else-in-their-spot craziness.

They all enjoyed their summer outside, putting on growth spurts and even blooming!

This Calathea looked pretty bad in the spring. I put it outside to forget about it but it responded "I'm not dead yet!"
It's so gorgeous right now I hope I can keep it alive all winter.

Now to make sure I didn't bring any visitors inside with them and to find them a place to spend the winter.

I'm so happy with how well they all did that I think I'll move even more outside next summer.

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