Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My View of the Garden

My garden is my sanctuary. Whenever I'm stressed it's a place to go to relax and feel calm and content. But I realized that very few of my photos show the garden as I see it when I'm trying to de-stress. Because when I de-stress I'm sitting on the ground. Not on the bench. Not standing. Sitting. Usually weeding or deadheading lower growing perennials or planting small things that only require a hand trowel (or my fingers, my soil really is that loose). So today I went out and tried to take some photos from my normal perspective.

My morning chore included removing the last of the grass from this planting area. I turned up more than a few earthworms (below).

I'm almost finished installing the last of the bricks. I just need to go and buy 7 more and then sweep off the dirt from the new ones and mulch where I removed grass and... ok, I'm not quite done.

Mums providing a punch of color in the midst of chaotic growth.

The birds are going to be really happy mid-winter. They love my holly bushes and this year they are covered in berries.

Sign of fall - things are starting to die back.

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