Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Summer Project

This summer I set a project for myself. I would line all of the gardens in the front and side  yard with bricks. Now I didn't have a lot of money for this project so I used cheap bricks from a big box store, nothing fancy, and The Husband and I installed them ourselves.

We didn't do this like what we see on This Old House when they put in patios. We did NOT dig down below the frost line and put a layer of sand, topped with a layer of gravel, use a big heavy weighted wheel thingy to compress the soil and so on. No, we just dug up grass and installed straight into the dirt. I used a string to mark the straight-ish edge and off we went. 

I'm hoping this will help prevent plant creep. I have a defined line and if garden plants or grass is on the wrong side I'll just remove it. 

I'm almost done. I just need one more nice weekend day and the front and side yards will be complete. Next year - the back yard! I may hire someone to do that since I have a few complications, like an area of slope that needs a retaining wall, curved lines, a place I'd like to get steps installed that is full of tree roots, and I'm wanting to add a small patio.


  1. You need a few more projects.

  2. What a great project...I also need a barrier for my gardens. I really like what you have done...job well done.