Sunday, September 28, 2014

Don't let me near a garden center until next spring!

The Husband and I were running errands on Saturday and we were near one of the more distance garden centers I like so we stopped in. I wasn't expecting to buy anything. OK that's a lie, I did want to look in their greenhouses since they carry quite a few houseplants. Not that I have space for more houseplants...

It's kind of late to be planting stuff up here in New England AND we're in a bit of a drought. Not a good idea to buy stuff for the yard. So I didn't buy MUCH.

But I've been wanting to add a Goldenrod (Solidago sphacelata Golden fleece, native to the SE US) but I haven't found any all summer long so when I found some I snatched one up.

I've also been wanting to add a Helenium Mardi Gras. Ditto. I looked for one and just now found it.

And while I was browsing I notice one other plant that was COVERED with bees. Of course I looked it up. AFTER I planted it. Oh, a bit aggressive? I should have put that in the back yard instead of where I planted it. Welcome Physostegia virginiana. Please don't take over.

So, three new plants to water and cross my fingers and hope they survive the winter. Now if I can just avoid garden center until Spring.

Except for Messelaar bulbs. I do still need to add bulbs to the garden. I'm sure there's space somewhere.

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