Saturday, January 1, 2011

Predictions for 2011

I decided to leave nothing to chance this year so I spent the midnight hour gazing into my (heated) bird bath.  I have converted my visions into predictions for 2011.

1.  The weather will be either too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry.  It may be a combination of the aforementioned conditions.  It will be windy here at The  Edge.

2.  I will buy a plant, get home, look it up on the Internet and discover that it is completely inappropriate for my garden.  This could be because of bad labeling (inaccurate tag), bad advice from the garden center staff or no information about the plant what so ever.  

        2b.  I will attempt to grow the plant anyway, rather than take it back and complain.

3.  I will promise my houseplants that I will pay better attention to them during the summer months.  I will break this promise, watering the houseplants only when they are desperate and repotting them during the winter when I can't work in the outside garden.

4.  I will fail to produce regular blog posts.  Instead they will be sporadic and poorly edited.

5.  I will plan more work in the garden than I have time, money and muscles to accomplish.

6.  This summer will be characterized by sore muscles and dirt under the fingernails for myself AND for all my readers.

7.  The Queen Bee will get bored with her new retirement.

8.  Global Climate Change will continue.  Politicians will argue about it but not do anything about it.

9.  Entomologists will discuss the declining number of bees.  Some will swear pesticides are affecting bees.  Some will swear pesticides do not affect bees.  No consensus will be reached.

         9b.  I will continue to believe that pesticides are bad for the environment and bad for our health and will continue to shun them in the garden.
         9c.  I will get on my soapbox about this topic at least once, knowing that I am too passionate to argue rationally but trying to do it anyway.  I will be frustrated with my lack of success in converting the world to my viewpoint.

10.  The last one is kind of confusing.  Something about a Dragon, an Eagle and a Bear.  I think I must have fallen asleep at this point.  Either that or I was channeling Nostradamus again.  His visions were always vague and, well, weird.

Stay tuned to see how many of my predictions come true!

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