Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowmaggedon 2011

The Queen Bee asked me to post some pictures today.  We're in the midst of a blizzard here on The Edge.  So I decided to head out and photograph the gardens.

Here lie the remains of an Aster 'October Skies' (Symphyotrichum oblongifolis).  Looks like there might me a small sheltered area for some birds.

Here's one of my Buddleia.

And how about these Pieris japonica (Andromeda)?  I am planning to remove these this year because they grow too large for the spot.  Today looks like a good day to peruse the garden catalogs and think about replacement plants.

I'm also hoping to get this tree removed this year.  I have conflicting feelings about it.  It's a nice tree but it is leaning, the roots are probably invading our water and sewer lines and look at that crotch - poor structure.  It will come down one day.  If I have it taken down at least it won't take out the power lines when it falls.

The birds are crowding around the feeders.  I had to go and knock the snow off of one of them.

The Juncos and Sparrows really like the Christmas tree.  We put it near the feeder for just such usage.  Come spring I'll hack it into bits and put some in the compost and some in the brush pile.

The other big hit on a day like this is the heated bird bath.  The Mourning Doves in particular like to sit on the edge and warm their feet.

To give you an idea of how strong the snow is blowing here's a picture of a neighbors house.  That big white thing in the front yard is a Florida Dogwood.  Really.  I'm serious. This house is diagonally across the street (and we don't have huge lots here).  Not a good day to be on the roads.  The plows are trying hard to keep up but the visibility is, well, you can see the visibility.

I think I'll garden INDOORS today.


  1. Enjoyed the pics.
    stay inside and keep the grandpuppies and kitties warm.