Friday, December 31, 2010


It's winter.  Time for focusing on indoor plants.  There are certain plants that you just don't buy.  

Anthurum, because they are inevitably over-priced (OK, I bought one recently because it was so much lower priced than I've seen them before).  

Spider Plants because everyone has one and they reproduce so readily (OK, so I bought an unusual variant called Curly Sue whose leaves, well, curl).

Night blooming Cereus because there is a rule that these need to be passalong plants and I've never met anyone who had one.  Maybe I'll break down and buy myself one from Logee's this winter.  

And Clivia.  These are another plant that I've wanted but always found to be too pricey - $20-30 is fine for a shrub but not a houseplant.  I'd rather buy a half dozen small houseplants in the $3-4 range and let them grow.

But this year for Christmas!  The Husband's Aunt (henceforth known as Special K) has grown Clivia for years.  Her original plant has multiplied and she now has nearly a dozen of them.  This year she gifted me with one.


The Best Christmas Present EVER!

[No, no I'm not prone to hyperbole, why do you ask?]

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