Saturday, January 15, 2011

Houseplant Bloggers Bloom Day

UPDATE:  I'm quite surprised at people mentioning problems getting Rosemary to bloom.  Maybe you're not checking it at the right time.  Rosemary is a winter bloomer in warm climates.  In my previous zone 7 garden it would be blooming outside during the winter.  In some places you CAN have outside blooms year round. 

It's that time again - Garden Houseplant Bloggers Bloom Day.  This month being brought to you by 19 inches of snow on the ground, I can't wait till spring brand Hot Chocolate.

First up, not a plant typically thought of as a blooming houseplant - Pepperomia obtusifolia.  I'm not sure of a common name for this one.  This particular plant has been with me longer than The Husband.  If you count the fact that every few years I start a cutting because the parent plant has gotten too big and gangly.

Next a more typical blooming houseplant. - Anthurium sp (again I don't know the common name - it seems like each web site that talks about these has their own common name for them!  That is why I prefer the Latin names).  I can't take credit for these blooms - it's relatively new.

This is another common blooming houseplant - the Jewel Orchid, Haemaria discolor.  I bought it for the leaves (not shown) but have been pleasantly surprised by the long lasting bloom.

Here's a surprise.  Rosemary.  In the house.  Blooming.  Ok, so it had started blooming outside before I brought it inside for the winter and these are the straggler blooms but still!  Rosemary is not hardy up here so I have two pots I bring indoors for the winter.  One is inside the house.  The other in the garage where it can go dormant (I only water it about once a month out there).  Both are thriving AND we have access to fresh rosemary for cooking all winter.  I'm just worried these plants are getting too large for their pots....

Lastly a few "Annuals" - houseplants that I buy just for the winter blooming and then compost in the spring.




It's nice to have bright flowers when the world outside is cold and white (or gray).

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams for this meme!


  1. Rosemary has the sweetest little blooms and always smells so nice in the house too!

  2. My rosemarys are outside and about 3 feet tall. I have never had them bloom...sigh. That yellow begonia is new to me, nice!

  3. No bloom here inside or outside (too much snow), but I enjoyed yours. Very funny HouseplantBBD.

  4. I planted rosemary in the garden several years ago and it was beaten up by lat years floods and arctic freezes. I miss it. Btw, have you tasted the flowers of your rosemary plant? They are delicious~let me know what you think~gail

  5. I liked your play on GBBD. Here in the Falls, that much snow too, but it was SUNNY. Now that is unusual. Of course I had houseplants for Bloom Day too. Nice to see I am not alone.