Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Plants In the Hospital Ward

Now don't panic, MOM, I'm not talking about a people hospital.  I'm talking about sick plants.  We're trying to cut down on Emergency Room visits here on The Edge. 

I don't usually have many plants in the sick ward.  I'm not one to mollycoddle a plant.  They either like the conditions I give them or they get composted.  Even these plants aren't being mollycoddled (what?  So it's a $5 word, I like it.  Don't know what it means?  That's what Google is for.) - they're just in the bathroom for a good watering and a photo session.

Right now I have one plant that might need to see a doctor.  It's a fern.  It's a nice fern.  It got repotted this year and has already grown to fill the new pot.  See the cute little leaf?

The growth habit is similar to that of the rabbit's foot ferns except the "feet" aren't as furry.

But.  I think it has a virus.  See the spots?

How about these spots?  

There are usually a few leaves with spots.  They start out small, get more pronounced and then the leaf dies.  The plant itself is lush and full so I'm not too worried about it.  I prescribe:  Lots of rest, plenty of water and a nice, west facing window.

I wonder if it would benefit from some fertilizer...  I don't fertilize my houseplants very often but I have been known to use dirty fish tank water as a source of hydration.  [But not lately.  I devised a new system to clean the fish tanks that uses a pump rather than the old bucket method.  Maybe I should pump the water into the tub and use that water for the houseplants...  Then again maybe The Husband would kill me if I did that.  Or at least make ME clean the bathroom.  The Horror!]

The other patient in the Hospital Ward is a type of aloe (I think).  This one has fantastic color and great form but the arms are stiff and a bit delicate. We just had an amputation by curtain. 

******WARNING******Graphic picture to follow******WARNING******

Not shown:  a Ficus benjammani var unknown that I bought at a Big Box store, brought home and it promptly dropped half its leaves.  I know these plants are known for that so I'm hopeful it'll improve with some TLC.  The pictures were just too unsettling.

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  1. Hi there. Long time since anyone saw this, it seems! I hope the little guy hasn't died? lol - Well, taking a stab at this, but only because I have two of these plants and LOVE them. I think they're a variety of the rabbit's foot fern, but don't know what they're really called. Mine really love getting a flushing watering. That's about every two weeks. I love doing it because they smell so lovely when they're wet! But, the spots seem normal because I get them from time to time on mine. Otherwise, the spots are just part of their normal growth, I've seen. Otherwise, they love the sun and getting wet once a week. I'm in central Idaho where it's bright light most of the time, but cold more than half of the time. So, I keep mine where it gets th e sun and I just keep watering it every week all year long. lmk if this ever gets read. :)