Monday, December 6, 2010

The Ritual of Rosemary

Today I began the annual Ritual of Rosemary.  The timing can be tricky since it's based completely on the weather but the weather here is turning really cold and we're supposed to have a couple of days this week where we don't get above freezing so it's time.

The first part of the Ritual of Rosemary involves bringing my two pots of Rosemary in from outside.  The larger pot will spend the winter in the shelter of the garage.  Rosemary isn't hardy here but the garage provides enough protection that it will stay alive and dormant (provided I don't overwater!).

The smaller pot will spend several days in the garage, then it will get moved into the cool breezeway and finally, in the last part of the Ritual of Rosemary it will get placed on a stand in front of one of the windows in the kitchen.  There it will join with a pot of chives and possibly some oregano for a winter supply of fresh herbs for cooking. 

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  1. Hi Diana,

    is it plan using for cooking? what kind of plant is that?

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