Monday, December 27, 2010

The Blizzard of 2010

We survived (so far) The Blizzard of 2010!  

Of course I don't think we're going anywhere anytime soon.  Certainly not to the Local Garden Center to see what on After Christmas Sale.

This is why I leave my garden un-"tidied" until Spring (well, it's reason number 3, right after good for the birds, good for insects and just before I'm lazy).  Winter Interest.  Something has to break the monotony of the snow.

Like Liatris.

And Panicum virgatum.

Although usually I enjoy the evergreen leaves and flower buds that last all winter on the Pieris today they are covered in snow.

Piper is enjoying the snow.  It's really hard to get a good photo of a dark colored dog running around in the snow.

The Husband kindly held the yard stick for me so I can show ya'll how deep the snow is - nearly 16 inches!

And that doesn't include places where it's blowing into drifts.  Or weird wave like sculptures.

The wind has also sculpted 3-D forms on the side of the house and the mailbox.  Wicked cool.

The good thing about New England is that even with all this snow we should be able to get out of the house this afternoon (or tomorrow at the latest) so we won't get bad cabin fever.  I'm not sure about The Queen Bee and her Entourage, they had to cancel their trip up here because the snow started down there and they got at least five inches.  She's posting picture on her blog.  I will for depth of snow.  She wins for level of inconvenience.


  1. Nice pictures. You gave me a good laugh. Piper, I wasn't sure what kind of animal is in the picture.

  2. You win for the snow content but ours is beautiful as well.

  3. Your photos are great, thank you for sharing them. We also posted some pictures of our plants after the blizzard hit us. We are a landscape design company in Arlington, MA and were [not] so lucky to receive so much snow.