Monday, June 28, 2010

The Coming of the Queen Bee

The Queen Bee is coming, the Queen Bee is coming.  

[The Queen Bee is formerly known as The Mom.  The reason for her name change can be found on her blog, here]

Yes, it's true.  And she's bringing her white gloves for a thorough inspection.  I'd better get to work so I'll be ready for her.

I have two cubic yards of mulch arriving today.  I'm sure I can get it spread by Friday.

I have tulips whose leaves have finally died back and need to be trimmed.  I'm sure I can get them removed by Friday.

The pansies at the base of my chimney have been trammeled by workmen.  I'll have to replace them with blooming annuals.  By Friday.

The Guerrilla Rabbits ate a plant at the Spot of Doooooom.  It's partly shady and there are a lot of tree roots in the area.  My first attempt at planting something there didn't survive (too dry?  Competition from my one front yard tree?).  My second attempt - see above re Rabbits.  I'll have to come up with something else to try.  By Friday.

With all the work on the outside of the house I'm behind on my deadheading.  I'm sure I can catch up by Friday.

I have a few still empty pots.  I'll have to plant them with annuals.  By Friday.

I haven't spread around the extra compost from this year's plantings.  I'll have to do that.  By Friday.  And move my red planting tub that is full of water and potting soil (I wash the roots before planting).

The Husband recently got a gas grill (the fancy new radiant heat type of grill, the most fuel efficient and least air polluting type on the market, and we got a SMALL one since we seldom need to cook 44 hamburgers at once).  We're planning to put a small patio by the deck for the grill to live on (our deck is small, too).  I'm sure we'll be able to get this installed by Friday. 

We'll also have to get the bricks that are piled along the driveway installed to form a border along one of my perennial beds.  By Friday. 

Whew.  After that's done I'll move inside.  My begonias are going through their yearly ugly phase.  They'll look bad for about a month and then start blooming again (and bloom all winter).  Hmmm...  I may have to hide them and put something else in this area.  By Friday.

What's that you ask?  What about cleaning the inside of the house?  I tidied up the houseplants this past weekend.  But you're right.  The indoor water gardens (ie fish tanks) need some tidying, too.  I'll get right on that.

I hope The Queen Bee doesn't mind tripping over the clutter and wading through dog fur to inspect the plants!

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