Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

We've gone Over The Edge this month.  Over The Edge of Sanity, that is.  For the past week we've had a painting crew working on the outside of the house, we had carpenters replacing damaged siding, we had the termite inspection (no termite, just carpenter ants, I'm ruminating about a blog post on the topic), I started teaching Anatomy and Physiology in summer school (my first time teaching A&P so lots of hard prep work) and one of the dogs has an ear infection.  Whew.  So apologies for the brief GBBD post this month.  It's Chaos here on The Edge.

I'm in that intermediate time of the garden where lots of the late spring bloomers are done or are finishing up and the summer bloomers are just beginning.   Like this Coreopsis Zagreb.  One more week and it'll be spectacular.

This Rose, Don Juan, is also just starting to bloom.  This is the second year for this plant so it is in the "creeping" phase.  Can't wait to see it next year!  (Plant growth pattern:  first they sleep, then they creep, then they leap.  This means that when you first plant something it has to put out roots and no top growth is evident.  For some plants the time frame is one year at a time, for others it can be weeks or months).

Lastly is my Veronica Royal Candles.  Just because I managed to snap a good photo before the painters started setting up this morning.

For more GBBD check out Carol's May Dreams Gardens.  She has a lot of links at the bottom of the post to find other blogs.


  1. I'm kind of in that intermediate phase, too. My garden always looks FANTASTIC in May, and again in September. Spring and Fall.

  2. Your veronica is beautiful - hope the painters avoid it.

  3. Sounds like a very busy life. Your blooms are looking good though.

  4. That Don Juan rose looks so haunting next to that silvering fence. What a great combo!