Thursday, June 3, 2010

What are you wearing?

What are you wearing?

On your feet.

In the garden.

What did you think I was talking about?  This is a gardening blog!  Get your mind back on soil and away from dirt.

I stumbled across a blog post today that talks about shoes that gardeners wear.  Billy Goodnick starts the post out with a funny bit about crocs (you can always count on Billy for a laugh) and then there's a comment about Wellies (Rubber boots or muck boots) and then things get weird.


For a pair of shoes?

That you wear in the garden?

And they have heels?

I can picture this so called gardener wandering the paths as she directs her gardening staff.

All I can think is how many plants I could buy with $400.  Or maybe hire someone to put in that pathway I've been pricing out, or a patio for the backyard or...

What am I wearing?


I always take my shoes off when I come in the house.

My usual gardening shoes.  
I do have tennies to mow in and hiking boots if it's cold or I'm doing something challenging or potentially dangerous to the toes.
Sometimes I garden with naked feet.
Don't tell my mom.


  1. We wear shoes because we might step on a honeybee.
    Go ahead and go barefoot.

  2. I saw that post about the shoes too and thought, what? Who gardens in SHOES?