Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flower Power

Between the painters finishing up and the roofers arriving I managed to slip out and photograph some of my blooms. 

Scabiosa 'butterfly blue' and Gaura 'whirling butterflies'

New to me - Knautia maceodonia - looks to be like Scabiosa on a stick!  Hope it does as well for me as the Scabiosa!  The goldfinches are already using the stems to perch on.

More Scabiosa 'butterfly blue' plus Coreopsis 'Zageb'
This is a nice vignette but these plants are only 1 year in the garden.  I chronically plant too close together.  I think I'll have to move some stuff next spring.  Which means a new garden bed since this one is full.  Gosh darn it!

Asclepias tuberosa

I really like their flowers.
No one has told the Pansies that it's Summer and they can quit blooming now.

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