Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday... Now with WORDS!

The weather forecasters are gleefully predicting a "spring storm" for Wednesday (today). Snowfall totals keep dropping but we're still expected to get several inches (the South Coast and the Cape are predicted to get really pounded, though - a good strong Nor'easter).

I'm scheduling these to post on Wednesday to remind myself, and my fellow New England gardeners, that under that fresh snow there is some hope...

 Aqueligia "Little Lanterns" - one of my favorites, right by my front door

 Brave Little Toasters

It's hard to beat early spring color! Go Crocus Go!

Signs of Daffodils to come

Heuchera "Caramel"

Pycnathium Mountain Mint - will spread but will also look good, smell nice and attract LOTS of pollinators

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