Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Clean Up

The snow cover has FINALLY melted and the weather got into the 50s this weekend so you know what that means!

Spring Clean Up!

In the Near Arctic of New England the retreating snow leaves some extra messes to clean up.

Construction debris and trash (that's a latex glove in the lower right).

Uh, "leftovers" from these guys since the last time the ground was visible and the, uh, "leftovers" weren't frozen.

And asphalt. From where the snow plow tore up our driveway.

Not to mention where the snow plow dug up my thyme (it's there, on the sidewalk, under that tiny bit of leftover snow, and surprisingly still green!). I think we need to invest in a snow blower instead...

I suspect I'll be picking up asphalt bits and "leftovers" for a few weeks. At least there are SOME signs of what is to come!

Nepeta racemosa (catmint) 'Walker's Low'

Grow Nepeta Grow!

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