Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Foliage Follow Up, uh, Follow Up OR When a Biologist Renovates a Bathroom

I got a few requests from Foliage Follow Up to Name Those Plants [I can Name That Plant in one note leaf].

From left to right: Alocasia (African Mask), Aglaonema (bigboxus var. unlabelii), Calathea (noonelabelshouseplantus), Calathea 'Rattlesnake' and (on the bench), Fern tolerateslowhumiditi also known as wontstopgrowingae.

The photo from last post of the Alocasia was taken early in the morning while the plant was back lit from the morning sun. That image was of the underside of the leaf, this is the top side. Both sides are sexy!

Why did I subtitle this When a Biologist Renovates a Bathroom? Because of my choice of shower head, carefully selected so that I can haul the upstairs plants in to the shower for a good wash. [yes, I'm totally serious - when we did the downstairs bath I selected the faucet based on what I could most easily attach my aquarium water changing hose to - I have a 120 gallon tank and I really, really don't like hauling that many buckets of water!]

After all the dusty construction it took to renovate the bathroom boy did my plants need that!

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