Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Garden Bloggers Rain Delay

I missed Garden Bloggers Bloom Day yesterday because of 1.14 inches of rain.  I guess I should have checked the forecast and taken my photos over the weekend.  Here are some very damp flowers.

This is a volunteer Liatris (the parent is Kobold) that showed up among my annuals.  I love the Zinnia in the background.  I started it from seed (not very successfully - I didn't get many plants).  If I can find the name of the variety I'll have to order more and give them a head start inside (I direct sowed in the garden and neglected).

This snapdragon was sold as an annual but came back this year.  The colors are phenomenal when dry but when wet - sexy!

I like large, loose, open plants like this Russian Sage (Perovskia).  Of course I prefer them upright.  The rain has this plant laying down flat.

I'm quite pleased with this plant.  It's a Buddleia called Evil Ways from Plant Delights.  They are pricy but they have a lot of things you just can't find anywhere else.

One of the few plants that is still upright is this Agastache (I think it's Heat Wave from Bluestone).  The others are a bit floppy but this one stood up to the onslaught.

This isn't a bloom but I like the way the rain drops look on my flopped down Mexican Feather Grass.

Hopefully next month won't be a rain out here on The Edge.


  1. Yay for rain, even if it can be a bit inconvenient at times! Love Perovskia too...but it does seem to flop over at the least provocation!

  2. Thank you for braving the rain. We've been getting way too much, haven't we (I live in Binghamton, NY) - wish I could send it to my friends and relatives in Texas. Happy GBBD and may September be a little dryer for both of us.