Monday, August 29, 2011

The Edge of a Hurricane

For those of you who have been living in a hole - Hurricane Irene worked her way up the East Coast this weekend.  The newscasters were full of sound and fury and for us it signified, well, a bit of rain and a bit of wind.

My official rain gauge measured 1.79 inches for the entire storm.  We've had more than that from regular rain storms lately.

I did prepare by bringing in my small pots

and I brought in my lightweight garden bench.

Since Irene went further west than predicted even our wind damage was minimal.  Monday's outside chore - a game of pick up sticks!

Fortunately Irene did not take out this large tree limb that hangs over our fence.  Unfortunately that means I will still have to pay a tree service to have it removed before the snow flies.

The worst damage in my yard is to one of my Buddleia Evil Ways.  I really like these Buddleia.  One of them developed quite a lean.  It looks like there may be some damage to the root system causing it to lay on its side.  We may loose it.

If that is the worst of Irene's damage we got off easy. 

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