Monday, August 8, 2011


The guess that we went to Costa Rica was close...  It's actually the next country South.

I thought the picture of the boat in the Canal would have been a big clue.  Yes, we went to Panama.

We stayed at what had once been a US Radar Station overlooking the canal and is now an Eco-Lodge called Canopy Tower.  

The views from the tower are fantastic.

You can see the canal.

You can see Panama city

But you are in the midst of a large national park so you can also see stuff like this Howler Monkey (photo taken from two rooms down from ours).

And this Keel billed Toucan (photo taken from our room)

This was the view from our room.

This is George, a three-toed sloth.  He hung out in one of the Cecropia trees outside our room almost every day we were there (photo taken from our room).

This is the rainy season so here is George sunning himself after a day of rain.

This was taking while it was raining.  We had Geoffrey's Tamarins in the Cecropia trees several times.

This is the leaf of a Cecropia tree.  They were fruiting so they were popular with all kinds of things while we were there.

I will be writing up several more posts from our trip as I manage to get pictures sorted.  I only took nine hundred and some photos.  Shouldn't take tooooo long.

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  1. That Cecropia leaf is AWESOME. Looks like you saw some amazing sights!