Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Morning Mystery

Last night I failed to bring my Salvia elegans (Pineapple Sage) into the house for the night.  I successfully overwintered this plant and was putting it out on warm days to get it acclimated to being outdoors.  This morning I discovered a tragedy.  Something has eaten most of the leaves off my Salvia!

Oh the Horror!

I'm not sure what caused this damage.  Surely it's too early for caterpillars.  If the pot was down in the yard I would suspect rabbits but it's right up on the deck by the back door that the dogs use to access the yard.

It's a mystery.   But for now I will remember to bring this plant in overnight (I WILL, unless of course I'm too tired and brain fried after lecturing on Photosynthesis for three hours so that when I get home around 10 tonight I forget again.  That's not likely to happen.  Well, maybe it is.  Perhaps I should try to bring it inside this afternoon before I go to campus.)

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