Friday, April 16, 2010

Foliage Follow Up

I blew it.  Well, kind of.  I was so busy getting my plants from Bluestone Perennials in the ground yesterday that I failed to take pictures for Foliage Follow Up day.  But I did get everything in the ground before the rains came so that is a big success. 

Some of these pictures are from earlier this month.  I hope you will excuse that and any re-runs that happen to be posted.
Veronica austriaca Trehane  What a perfect Spring Green.

Spirea X Magic Carpet.  Want to fly away?  Not me.  Not during Spring anyway.  Check back with me next winter and I'll be glad to go as long as we're going somewhere warm.

Sprirea X Golden Princess. What a nice contrast to Magic Carpet.  The great thing about these Spireas at this time of the year is the color they provide to an as yet not quite awake perennial border.

I hope you'll forgive me for this one.  I like the image.  This is a Bleeding Heart (Dicentra sp.).  I took this about two weeks ago.  This plant is now in bloom and the leaves are green. 

Tulip forgot-which-one-I-planted-here.  Still interesting foliage.  I'm still waiting for it to bloom so I can identify which Tulip it is.  I only ordered a few last year (cough, cough).

Thanks to Pam at Digging for this meme.  I hope she's not offended that I spent yesterday actually working in the garden rather than thinking about blogging.

Hi, my name is Diana and I am an addict.  My drug of choice?  My garden.  (I just don't have any desire to 'cure' myself of this addiction)

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  1. Offended by someone gardening? Not hardly! Participation is not strictly limited to the 16th, and I'm glad you jumped in when you found time. Mmm, I'm loving that pretty spirea foliage!