Monday, February 8, 2010

Weed and Feed Ban in Canada

Found this on Garden Rant.  Go to for the original post.  I consider this great news.  Have you ever tried to find fertilizer without pesticide or herbicide at the Big Box stores?  The Weed and Feed is up front, easy to find, but straight fertilizer?  Usually tucked away in a back row. 

There is not point in applying pesticides and herbicides just in case.  It's like taking Antibiotics because someone sneezed on you.  You don't need it and overuse of any product just leads to resistance.  And the extra ends up in the water supply. 

Oh, and would you like me to get on my soap box about how pesticide and herbicide overuse is bad for your health and that of your pets and children?  Sorry, don't have the time today.  Working on writing an exam for my Bio 101 class.  Maybe I can use this to write a question...  Data analysis anyone?

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  1. Interesting post regarding the ban. I don't think that will ever happen in my lifetime in Oklahoma. I wish we'd go back to manure, but that's just me. Plenty of it to go around though.~~Dee