Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hints of Spring

I'm starting to see hints that spring might be coming.  I know it's too early.  We have more snow in the forecast for this week.  Still.  There are suggestions that spring can't be too far away.

1)  I'm loosing interest in my houseplants.  Well, let me rephrase that.  I'm not rushing out buying more every week and I'm thinking of which ones are seasonal houseplants that will be gone soon (like the primroses that need to be watered too frequently).  I'm running three humidifiers in the house but even with that the air is dry and the plants are needing a lot of TLC.  Several need repotting but I'll need to make space for bigger pots.  How long until I can put the oregano and the thyme back outside?  How about the Rosemary in the garage which seems to have miraculously survived the winter?  Will my Salvia elegans (Pineapple sage) come back this spring when I bring the pot out of the basement and start watering it again?

This is in contrast to commenter Melody who got inspired by my recent postings.  I checked out here blog (here) and found she lives in Florida.  Melody, if I lived in Florida I'm not sure I would have many houseplants!  I would rather have wide open windows to view the outdoor gardens all year round.

Then again there is this, which helps keep my interest.

2)  The snow is receding and it's starting to get muddy out.  Spring in New England is known as mud season.  That means the ground isn't completely frozen anymore.  This patch of mud is by the back fence (behind the fence is a protected natural area).  The dogs are starting to track it in. 

3)  With the snow receding our dog Piper is able to start her collection.  She likes to collect things and put them in a pile in the yard.  Hey!  That's the perch to my bird feeder!  I was wondering where that went.

4)  Out front where we still have snow I saw this little bit of lavender sticking up through the snow.  Promises that summer will come.

5)  Tucked up under the remains of a Mexican Feather Grass the daffodils are starting to show.  Yipee!!!

6)  This isn't really a sign of spring but I did like the way this Viburnum burkwoodii kept its dark leaves all winter.  They looked really good against the snow.

Oh, and I'm starting to hear birds singing.  I'm so excited.  I can't wait to get back outside in the garden.  How long until planting season?  Of yeah, that's not till April.  March is going to be a long month.

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