Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Foliage Follow Up

The day after Garden Bloggers Bloom Day is becoming known as Foliage Follow Up (thanks to Pam at Digging).  Since it's snowing outside (and since I posted all of by not-dried-up-dead-looking outdoor foliage yesterday) I went around the house with my camera.  Wow.  I really pick houseplants for foliage!  I like blooming houseplants but most of mine don't bloom and many of those have interesting variegation.  I have posted scientific names where I can find them, unfortunately most houseplants come without names.  Those plants, if I can't identify them, get named George (unless I follow in Carol's footsteps and name them myself, although all of the Genus designations are real). 

Here's George II.  From above he has dark leaves with a hint of purple but when back lit and observed from below - love those veins!

This is a trailing ficus (Ficus trailingus).

Here is an umbrella plant (Schefflera variagata var. hopefullydwarfii).

This Croton came to me as Banana Fingers. 

Here's my Cuban Oregano (a nice passalong plant)

This is  possibly a Pothos.

I think this one is in the Aloe family.  You can see where it got beat up when The Husband wasn't careful about closing the blinds (it's in your vows, honey, everything is your fault, remember?).

Here's a beautiful golden leaved philodendron.  It's so nice I took two pictures.

This Pepperomia is also a passalong plant.  Looks like it needs a shower. It's upstairs and since our upstairs shower leaks it doesn't get washed as often as the downstairs plants.

This was a fun find.  I saw this for sale at a Big Box Retailer and snatched it up.  It took a while to find online but I did - it's a Rhipsalis, not found for sale very often but what a great plant.  I'm starting a list of people who want divisions when it gets big enough.

Lastly a humble Spider Plant (Chlorophytum).  This one was sold as Curly Sue.  She's not really humble.

Whew.  Finally got the Italics turned off.  I'm not sure why it won't let me type that middle section in normal script.  Gotta love these free software applications.

GBBD follow-up:  Thanks to everyone for the nice comments yesterday.  I didn't realize anyone beside The Husband, The Mom and The Best Friend From Grad School actually read my blog.  Wow.  I guess I'd better start coming up with more interesting content and actually break out the tripod and take better pictures! 


  1. I have decided it is time for me to start growing houseplants again. I used to have lots, but when I began serious outside gardening, I let the houseplants go. I really like Curly Sue, Yellow Fellow (Philodendron) and the ouchy-looking aloe:)

  2. Curly Sue is rocking those curls. And aw, the poor aloe. Their little arms can be so fragile. I have one about that size on the windowsill too, and it's just a matter of time until it gets bonked. Thanks for joining in today!

  3. Too bad about your blind-injured succulent! It still looks great, but for plants that look so tough they end up being so fragile...

  4. I think George II is a purple waffle plant, Hemigraphis exotica. Though I'm not 100% positive from the picture. If I'm right: don't let it get cold, and don't let it get dry.

    Also the "Aloe" is, I agree, an Aloe. I think it's Aloe harlana. More sure about that one.

  5. In your original George-naming post, you called George II George I. So now I'm confused, but I'm more certain from the photo at the older post that what you have is indeed Hemigraphis.

    The other George II ("lavender lace") might take some work. I feel like I almost know it.