Monday, January 25, 2010

Stress Response

I've been thinking about the past year and the stresses I've experienced and I've noticed a pattern.  See if you can spot it.

I can't believe the snow pile by the driveway of our new house is as tall as I am.  Why did we move to New England?  I'm a hot house flower!  Oh, yeah.  The Husband's Job.

It's March, why is there still snow on the ground?

WHAT?  There's NO insulation in our walls?

I got offered a job, it's back to work after a year off.  Better clear off the desk.

I'm going to be teaching Intro Biology, I haven't taught Intro Bio before.

Where's all my teaching stuff?  My laser pointer?  My attendance roster?  My white board markers?  My whip?

And I have to teach at night!

Wait, if I'm teaching college, that makes me a professor?  Does that mean I'm a... gasp... grown up?


Pictured are:  Curly spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum 'Bonnie').  Next hanging basket is Ficus pumilaFicus).  Then there is the sideways hanging fern (Fernus darnbloggerii).  Three primrose (Primula) and my Rosemary that's overwintering on my desk.  Begonia red, Begonia bi-color and Begonia yellow (rose style begonias, often sold as annuals but they will keep on blooming and blooming and blooming.  Expect to see these for next Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  And lastly a just bought on major sale Philodendron hederaceum not sure of the variety but it is supposed to have those chartreuse leaves. 

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