Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sea Turtles

As my regular readers know (Hi, Mom!) I volunteer at the New England Aquarium working with injured and cold stunned sea turtles.  You may also know that the state of Florida is experiencing unusually cold weather right now.  What you may not have heard is that OVER 2000 SEA TURTLES have been rescued from waters that are simply too cold for them in the past week.  For a good news story see here.

Sea Turtle rescue groups are overwhelmed, many of them are using up their yearly budget for this unprecedented event.  Researchers who do not normally do sea turtle rescue but who have facilities where they could handle them are being pressed into service.  The Kennedy Space Center is currently housing many of the cold stunned sea turtles.  Local hotels have been donating towels and laundry service.   Staff from the New England Aquarium are flying down to help.  Most of the sea turtles that have stranded are Green Sea Turtles like Goose, here.

Goose was one of the New England Aquariums sea turtles from last season.  This is a photo taken when he was released (note the satellite tag on his back).  Fortunately Goose headed out into the gulf stream and did not get caught up in this years cold weather.

So after you give to Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross to help with the disaster in Haiti, if you have anything left sea turtles could use your help.  Here are a few places that rescue Sea Turtles in Florida.  Their web sites are not up to date nor do I expect them to be since I'm sure all hands are working on the overwhelming number of turtles.


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