Monday, January 18, 2010

Indoor Gardening - Water Garden Edition

Hi, I'm Diana and I'm a Plantaholic. Not only are all my window sills filled with plants but I also grow live plants in my aquarium.

Growing plants indoors allows a great amount of control over conditions such as light, temperature, humidity and fertilizer.  This aquatic garden grows wholly under artificial lights.  The substrate is a special composition that includes a great many nutrients but the primary source of fertilizer is fish waste.

Yes, that's right I keep fish in my aquatic garden.  Of course when I talk to fish people I say I have live plants in my fish tank.  I like to think of it as an artificial ecosystem.  I have more control over it than conditions in my outdoor garden but I still don't have complete control (it's not Bonsai!).

Control is an illusion.  The fish breed, the plants reproduce, invertebrates like snails show up with new plants.  I have to compensate for it all.  Water changes, composting plants, filtration.  It give me the illusion of control over something here on The Edge.

You probably can't tell from the pictures (it's hard to avoid the glare from the windows) but this is my pride and joy.  And it's a great place to play gardener during the winter.  Plus it at least looks nice and tropical compared to the white wonderland outside today.  Is it Spring yet?

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