Friday, January 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

It's that time again - Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (started by Carol at May Dream's Gardens).  It's the middle of January, the coldest month of the year, I have 5 inches of snow on the ground.  What can I post this GBBD? Let's see....

Are my pansies blooming?

How about my Azaleas?

This Sedum still has it's flower stalks, does it count?

What about the crocuses planted under this Contorted Filbert?

Ok, I confess all of my blooming plants are indoors this months.

Like this Narcissus (forced bulbs), almost done for the season.

My Phalenopsis is also nearly done for the year.

But my forced Tulips have just begun to bloom.

My Begonia is still going strong.  I think I need more of these.

I have one Amaryllis blooming with two more on the way.

And let's not forget George the Third, International Plant of Mystery.

That's it.  Looks like my orchids and my bulbs will be done next month.  I really do need to go pick up some more begonias before February GBBD if I'm going to have anything to post!


  1. Hi;
    First time visitor and I'm enjoying your sense of humor! I garden on the 'edge' of a massive nature preserve, as well. Though far from the ocean. Haven't a clue what George III is but he's very pretty!

  2. Diana, you have a wonderful collection of blooms, but I love your thought of using February GBBD as an excuse to pick up a few more indoor bloomers!