Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Not much is happening in the garden now. Winter is setting in. I'd like to get some more mulch down but my local supplier is completely out and won't have more till spring. I'll just have to hope the plants survive. Soon I'll be able to use trimmings from the Christmas tree to cover particularly sensitive plants.

I'm transitioning to indoor gardening. My houseplants require more attention during the dry winter months when watering checks occur twice weekly (this is where I check to see who needs watering). I'll probably be able to get a few blogs out of the houseplants this winter.

I'm also transitioning to blogging more about nature. Watch for upcoming posts on the winter moth explosion here in New England and my volunteer work with the New England Aquarium where I help with cold stunned sea turtles (the Rescue and Rehab department has it's own blog here).

In between all these activities I'll be waiting.

Waiting for my amaryllis to start blooming.

Waiting for it to be time to bring my Paperwhites into the house.

Waiting for the spring blooms of the Pieris japonica.

Waiting for the spring blooms of the Rhododendron previoushomeownerii.

Waiting for the buds to open signaling the return of spring and the return of gardening season.

Oh, yeah, I'm still waiting for my first seed catalog, too. I guess I haven't gotten any because I've moved since last season. I've been watching the lists of recommended seed catalog companies at Greensparrow Gardens and have been requesting catalogs. I hope to be inundated soon.

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  1. Hello, Ms. Diana. My amaryllis is a little behind your's. That's okay though, I know I'll enjoy the bloom whenever it's ready. But I'm waiting to learn new ways of loving the grays of winter. Actually, I've been waiting many years.