Friday, December 11, 2009

Please Stand By

Please Stand By.

We are Experiencing Technical Difficulties.  

I haven't posted in about a week and it will probably be several more days before I post again.  The good news is that we bought a new computer.  The bad news is that I have to dig out all the software for my camera and load it onto the new machine.  In the meantime here are some miscellaneous notes from the Garden.

Winter has hit hard here this week.  The plants have finally frozen and my Pieris japonica is turning colors (the leaves stay on the plant all winter but they do get a yellowish and/or reddish color to the outer leaves). 

Imagine colorful Pieris here.

I clipped a few branches off my Christmas tree and laid them over the borderline hardy Salvias to add some winter protection.  I'll add more after the holidays.

Imagine Christmas tree branches with Salvias sticking out.

You'll notice I didn't prune the Salvias.  They are one of many plants that does better if they aren't pruned until spring.

My Artemesia nana has died back but I'd be willing to bet it comes back in the spring.  It's done quite well in the Hell Strip so far.

Imagine some gray foliage but mostly brown (tan) and curled.

The winds have been blowing strong all week.  It makes for challenging photography.

Imagine some really bad image of dried grasses blowing in the wind.

Coming soon - birding in the winter garden and my adaptation of A Christmas Carol (with apologies to Dickens).  As soon as I can find the software I need....  I know those discs are somewhere in the office closet...

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