Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Signs of Spring

Finally, I'm starting to see signs of spring. We might actually get to gardening season at some point this year!

The dwarf irises are in bloom.

And the perennials are starting to come out.

Annnnd the maple seeds are sprouting. Everywhere.

Annnnd the dogs are beginning to dig holes in the newly thawed earth [Hi, Piper, don't you look like trouble].

I guess that means I can [theoretically] plant that order from Bluestone Perennials that arrived TOO EARLY. [NO! I have to move some stuff first! and the stuff I have to move hasn't come up yet! Aghhhhhhh!]

On the good side of things the parka has been put away and the sandals have come out.

And the goldfinches have started to molt into their summer coats [I personally love the pied look].

Annnnnd... I don't think I need to say anything about this.

[I can't post a picture of Piper without including her oh-so-jealous brother, Jasper, also known as Mr. PAYATTENTIONTOME!!!!!]

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